Published July 11, 2013

While I have made excuses for lapses in posting before, as it has been two weeks shy of a YEAR since my last post, I figured I’d better come up with a good one. Which shan’t be hard, because … while prepping my recently-published (2010) novel BROODING for e-readers, I spent the past year and a half revising it again in what turned into more than a polish and less than a full blown rewrite. Given the book’s scope, controversial themes, and wanting to make it accessible to all … I really just wanted another whack at the thing. While some changes were significant, none take the story in any new directions, but simply clarify plot, rectify bad habits, finesse the balance of the disparate subject matter, and better pave the way for Book II – which IS coming.

I have decided to post the first few chapters online for those who wish to sample this novel before laying down $22.95 for an over-sized paperback. (If that price seems high, understand this book is the same size as a hardback, is 664 pages long, and weighs about 3 pounds. You WILL get your money’s worth.) You can check these out by starting with the PROLOGUE.

So THAT’s what I’ve been up to. If I go any significant amount of time before posting again, it is because I am on the road promoting this book. I will let you know when and where.

Until next time, so long, farewell, and – as always – don’t take any shit from anybody!