Published October 20, 2011

Greetings, o brave interweb perusers.  Tis I, your faithful slinger o’words, with another brief update on what’s been happening.  As this site nears its fourth anniversary, the number of daily/monthly visitors who come here has steadily increased.  As of this date, TheWordslinger gets about 300 visitors a day – or 9,000 a month, which isn’t too shabby for The Little Website That Could.

I have started doing some serious promotion on my novel BROODING.  In September I propped up my exhibit tent at the Freedom Harley Davidson End-of-Summer Block Party, where I sold autographed copies of the book, mounted and matted prints of my artwork, and (my latest venture) handmade leather jewelry – bracelets, rings, bangles, chokers, etc., all made out of custom-cut black leather and suede.

In October, I did the same thing at the Oktoberfest event in La Veta, Colorado.  There were 115 other vendors at this massive shindig, and a total of about 4,000 patrons.  This was by far the biggest show I have ever done and, while it was a tremendous success, it was also one of the scariest things I have ever done.  As a writer, especially one with a proclivity for seclusion, putting myself out there on such a grand scale kind of freaked me out a bit, but … I really have no choice but to get out there and hawk this novel of mine.

My next two shows will be at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, Colorado.  The first of which will be on Saturday, November 5th, in the main dance/concert room.  If you want to come down and pick up a signed copy of BROODING (or some artwork or handmade leather jewelry), this is a good chance to do it.

Till next time, don’t let your meat loaf, don’t let your dingle dangle …

Oh yeah, and don’t take any shit from anybody!