Published February 28, 2011

Well, the 2011 Oscars are over and I must say the most enjoyable part of the evening took place AFTER the show was over.  It was on Jimmy Kimmel’s sixth annual after-Oscar show and his featured guest was Tom Hanks.

After sharing a clip from his new movie Larry Crowne, Tom went on to talk about his daughter Sophie and their passion for … pageantry.  (I assume this is fictional as Tom and wife Rita Wilson have only two children, both sons.)  The clip shown was hands down the funniest thing Tom Hanks has done in years.  For those who don’t remember how funny Tom Hanks once was, look no further.

While good taste may be tossed to the wind here, the joke is SO funny that only those without any sense of humor will miss the irony.  With in-jokes about everything from Bosom Buddies to Turner and Hooch to Big to Saving Private Ryan to Apollo 13 (I could go on here), this is one hip and hilarious film short.

Check it out and prepare to laugh.