Published December 19, 2010

Einstein was right when he posited that time is relative … ‘cause damn if this year didn’t fly by.  I know that everybody says that at year’s end but, as we’ve all experienced bad years that were slower than erosion, something must be screwing with the space/time continuum.  Anyhoo …

As it has been damn near 3 years since my humble website, TheWordslinger, went live on December 28th, 2007, I thought I would throw you an update and a year end recap.

In June of this year, 2010, I finally (FINALLY!) published my first novel, BROODING – The Heartland Chronicles Book One.  20 years in the making, this book has truly been a labor of love … and hate … and frustration … but mostly love.  My book signings have been very successful, and more are scheduled for 2011 – I will keep you abreast (uh huh huh) of dates and places.  Expect a massive marketing push in the coming months.  To find out more and purchase the book, please visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE.  Copies can also be found on

Since its inception, TheWordslinger has had nearly 200,000 visitors, numerous plugs on other high-profile sites, and is going stronger all the time.  If you are a return visitor here, thanks again for keeping me in your Favorites.

Some of this year’s more notable articles include:

The Bionic Woman Season One DVD review – long time coming
John Carpenter’s ELVIS – DVD review – really long time coming
BROODING by Andy Williamson PUBLISHED! – really really long time coming
TheWordslinger’s Amazing Day – really, really, really long time coming

Some of my most popular articles:

King, Kubrick, and The Shining
A Tale of II Supermans
Psycho Babble – The Legacy of Norman Bates
Modern Day Magdalene Part 1 and Part 2

If you’re new here, dig around in the categories – with over 300 posts, there’s always something of interest to do on this site.

Elsewhere on these crazy/cool interwebs …

My two entertainment columns on EXAMINER.COM have reached record numbers this year, and are climbing exponentially.  If you’ve never visited those pages, I will put some links below.  Remember I get paid every time someone views an article.

CELEBRITY PROFILE EXAMINER – Where I literally write short (ha!) biographies of celebrities.  This database is meant to compete with similar features on IMDb and Wikipedia.  Ever since Examiner did a massive platform update last summer, these profiles have been receiving more than 100,000 views every month – that’s over 1.2 million a year and growing fast.  Even when I don’t work on it, this column literally supports me (how cool is that?) while I work on marketing the book.  You can check out the main page HERE.

Some of my most popular profiles (as searched for on Google) include:

Winona Ryder – doe-eyed beauty, always in the top 2 or 3
Taylor LautnerTwilight fans helping to keep a roof over my head, cool
Linda Hamilton – NOT in the news, but always in my top 10 hits, go figure
Drew Barrymore – everyone loves Drew
Elvis Presley – ditto for the King
Jack Nicholson – you don’t know Jack
William Shatner – my boyhood hero
Leonard Nimoy – my boyhood hero’s homeboy
Christina Ricci – always adorable, and always a lot of hits
Salma Hayek – talented, muy calienté, and massive amounts of tits hits
Stephen King – a ridiculously detailed bio of my favorite author

… and way too many more to list here.

POP CULTURE NEWS EXAMINER – Much of this column is made up of articles that are also posted here on TheWordslinger, everything from movie, book, and DVD reviews, to anything else pop culture related.  This column doesn’t receive anywhere near as many visitors as my Celebrity Profile page, but does give me a nice place to link to which still pays me.

If you visit either of these pages, be sure to subscribe to them so you will know whenever I post a new article.

I haven’t put up any Churchianity articles in a while.  Although I did write one a couple of months ago entitled CHURCHIANITY Part VIII: Bitterness.  In some ways it was/is one of the most personal articles I’ve ever written but, as I was not happy with the ending, I have held it back.  If I can figure out the capper on it, I will be sure to post it.  (If this sounds interesting to you, tell me so in the Comments section below.  I’m not cheap, but I can be had – flattery may get you everywhere.)

This has also been a year of great change.  Besides getting the book published, I moved (again), and have made a serious effort to cut away all of the destructive things, crazy people, and otherwise negative elements in my life that were driving me batty and holding me back from the future.  Pardon my French, but …

FUCK THE PAST!  I’ve had it.  I’m done.  Finished, finis, finito.

As for the FUTURE, I’m healthy, I’m happy, I’m making a living doing what I love, and I am working toward even bigger dreams (can you say Book II, and a film adaptation of Book I?).  What’s to complain about?

Have a Groovy New Year, come back soon, and (say it with me):

Don’t take any shit from anybody!