Published March 31, 2008

I have mentioned elsewhere on this site that, in addition to being a writer, I am also an artist. The Paintslinger, if you will. Well … allow me to prove it.

I don’t paint as much as I used to — given a choice between writing and painting, I will choose writing every time. It’s all the same to me, I can paint a picture with brush and canvas, or words and keyboard. When I do paint, however, I specialize in portraits. Celebrity portraits. I know … shocker.

Below, I am posting a dozen or so photos paintings done between 1986 and 2001. Most are approximately 24” x 36”, done in monochromatic acrylic (mainly blue and white). I may put up more in the future, depending what kind of response I get. I also have quite a few pencil portraits, which I might post as well, under the heading (what else?) … The Leadslinger.

Those interested in commissioning any work, are encouraged to contact me.

Enjoy the show.

DAN FOGELBERG (1986) acrylic
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JIM MORRISON (1987) acrylic
Jim Morrison

WILLIE NELSON (1987) acrylic
Willie Nelson

CLINT EASTWOOD (1993) adhesive vinyl
Clint Eastwood

JIM MORRISON (1994) acrylic
Jim Morrison - Mr. Mojo Risin

JESUS (1995) acrylic

JACK NICHOLSON (1996) acrylic
Jack Nicholson

JIM MORRISON (1996) acrylic
Jim Morrison #3

ELVIS PRESLEY (1999) acylic
Elvis Presley

AUDREY HEPBURN (1999) acrylic
Audrey Hepburn

PAUL NEWMAN (1999) acrylic
Paul Newman

JULIA ROBERTS (1999) acrylic
Julia Roberts

SEAN CONNERY (1999) acrylic
Sean Connery

Stallone & Meredith (Rocky & Mickey)

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