Published October 15, 2008

I have made my point clear on this site that, despite the fact I am a Christian, I do not have typical likes, views, or opinions. I’m not even a big fan of most Christian music. However, there is one musical artist of faith for whom I hold the highest esteem: KEITH GREEN
Keith Green
Never heard of him? That’s not too surprising – the controversial hippie Christian died in a plane crash in 1982 at the age of 28. Prior to that, the amazingly gifted musician was one of the first to bring Christian music to not only a new level of quality, but also to an audience that ordinarily wouldn’t have given such a second, much less a first listen.

Very much a flower child of the 60s and 70s, Keith flirted with mainstream fame while searching for spiritual truth. Raised with an odd mixture of Judaism and Christian Science (which isn’t Christianity at all), the young man was desperate for something that would still the restlessness in his soul. When he finally found Jesus – digging through all of the religious crap slathered over Him – he gave himself over to The Big Guy in a manner to which all believers should aspire. His biography, written by his widow, Melody Green, isn’t called No Compromise for nothing. I highly recommend the revised and updated Legacy Edition.

Not unlike a cross between Lindsay Buckingham (whom he resembles) and Billy Joel (fellow piano man), Green brought his cabaret piano stylings to a brand of music which desperately needed both brutally honest lyrics and a pop sheen. Keith provided both in spades, attracting the lost and offending the pompous – that’s putting it mildly, some of Keith’s lyrics were so stinging in their honesty about the lukewarmness of the church, many called him heretic. Obviously, I disagree.

Keith felt so strongly about his new faith that he and his wife started taking lost souls into their home, eventually starting what would become the commune-like Last Days Ministries. He also decided to start giving away albums and concert tickets as he didn’t feel right about charging hard cash for the Good News.

As an artist/writer with similar aspirations for reaching the walking wounded for the Lord, I am often shamed by the sold-out commitment of Keith Green.

If you would like to know more, the documentary below is a fascinating look at this extraordinary man.

A hippie prophet – gone too soon.

Want to enjoy more of Keith’s music? This hits collection is great place to start.