Published December 26, 2008

Although technically this is the day after Christmas, I just saw that one of my favorite holiday films was available for embedding — what’s a blogger to do?
The Family Man
Like a cross between It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol (and I don’t hesitate for a second to mention this movie alongside those other classics), 2000’s The Family Man is one of the funniest, warmest and most entertaining holiday films of all time. (Especially of late — Elf not withstanding, do we really need more seasonal slop like Fred Claus, Four Christmases, Deck the Halls, Jingle All the Way, Christmas With the Kranks, The Santa Clause 2 & 3, and too many others humbugs to mention? Don’t even get me started on Ron Howard’s The Grinch.)

Jack Cambell (Nicolas Cage) is an investment banker who has everything. He is not a Scrooge and does indeed have a pretty wonderful life. But on Christmas Eve — not to mention the eve of the biggest business deal of his life — he has a run in with a rogue angel who decides to give this “man who has everything” a glimpse of the life he could have had if he hadn’t left his college sweetheart 13 years earlier. Waking up in a Jersey suburb with a wife, Kate (Téa Leoni) and two kids, Jack must discover the reason for this glimpse before he can be returned to the life he knows. But after learning said lesson, will he want to go back?
Nicolas Cage and Mackenzie Vega
This is probably my favorite Nicolas Cage movie — his performance here is touching, nuanced, hilarious and as over-the-top as you want it to be. As for Téa Leoni, I defy any man not to fall in love with her in this film. Fine support is offered by Don Cheadle, Jeremy Piven, Harve Presnell and Mackenzie Vega
Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni
If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for something special.

If you have seen it, I’m preaching to the choir.

Sorry about the commercials — it’s Hulu