Published January 30, 2009

WORDSLINGER’S NOTE: This article was written in January uary of 2009, a few months before the release of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot that spring.  I made some predictions regarding William Shatner’s role in that film which I obviously got wrong … but I still stand behind my reasoning about why he should have.  Anyway, don’t let that deter you from checking out this very cool interview between Nimoy and Shatner.

Now that we are nearing the release date of J.J. Abrams much-anticipated reboot of Star Trek, I thought I would post something special for fans of the original series. I grew up watching this show (in syndication – I’m not that old), and must say that Captain Kirk was my boyhood hero.
Shatner and Nimoy
I was an equally big fan of the first six movies – and though William Shatner did appear in the seventh, Generations, his death was gimmicky and not handled well. Though both Abrams and The Shat have stated adamantly that he will NOT appear in the new movie, I still stand by a post I wrote months ago, about why and how he should.

Anyway, one of the more fascinating interviews I’ve seen regarding the two main stars of the original series, was conducted earlier this decade. Entitled Mind Meld – Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime, the 75-minute program features William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy interviewing each other. Die hard Trekkies have heard (memorized) many famous anecdotes from the making of the show and the movies, but Bill and Leonard dive much deeper here.

The show is broken up into sections which include:

The PhenomenonHow Star Trek meaningfully changed their careers, their very lives.
The Creative BattlesThe pressures of making a landmark weekly series. The challenges of bringing back Star Trek as a movie franchise.
The Original CrewRivalries, jealousies and conflicts between the original cast and creators.
The Personal ImpactPressures on their families and friends. Struggles with personal demons and addictions.
The Final FrontiersLives reviewed. Facing death. Remembering co-star DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy) and the legacies both men hope to leave behind.

This discussion is often so open and revealing, one feels privileged to be able to share in this dialogue. At least I did. Shot literally in Nimoy’s backyard, it is also refreshing to hear these men (both 70 at the time) openly declare their BFF status.

Here you go – leave a comment when you’re done.