Published February 27, 2008

George Carlin is hilarious. I’ve always thought so. I may be one of the few Christians in the world to hold him in this regard, but we’ll get to that. From his hippy-dippy weatherman in the 60s, his infamous Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television in the 70s, A Place For My Stuff in the 80s and beyond, he deserves a ranking between Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor as one of the most influential comedians of all time. Back in 1975, he was also the first host on the premiere episode of Saturday Night Live.

I’d dare say no other comic has such a mastering of the english language as Carlin. He meticulously hones his words and phrases, meter and timing, until his sentences are sharp enough to cut. Then, with the finesse of a swordsman, he wields his comedy like a foil. Indeed, sometimes he has so badly offended his listeners as to forever alienate them. His brazen honesty, unapologetic stance, scathing exposés, political incorrectness and refusal to steer clear of even the most sacred cow have always been part of the old hippie’s charm. I aspire to that kind of NO BULLSHIT policy.

Over the years, Carlin (who died in June 2008 at age 70), became increasingly bitter and nihilistic. Especially when it came to religion. Many Christians have cursed and denounced him as everything from a heretic to evil incarnate — never more so than since his routine regarding The Invisible Man in The Sky (posted below). However, there is really very little in the routine that is that wrong. These are merely the articulate musings of a bitter ex-Catholic, who has grown as sick and tired of the legalism and hypocrisy of the modern-day church (including Protestantism) as I have. I just hung on to my faith is all.

The video below is entitled Religion is Bullshit. If you find that statement heretical, stop and think about the fact that Jesus thought so, too! He was constantly calling the Pharisees on their bullshit and they killed him for it. Also, if you are a Christian easily offended by language, watch the video anyway and consider that CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING! (See CHURCHIANITY PART III for much more on that.) If you watch it and are still offended, don’t curse George Carlin, PRAY FOR HIM! This is simply an intelligent man’s bitter response to the guilt and condemnation that the church laid on him as a youth. Shame on them.

God bless him, God save him, I still love him.