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Published November 22, 2009

It’s November ’09, which means the holidays are nearly upon us, radio stations are beginning to play Christmas music, and that shrill screaming noise you hear is the sound of millions of Twilight fans pledging their undead undying devotion to their favorite vampire or werewolf. This series is nothing if not divisive and, while I do not count myself among the die hard Twi-hards, neither am I one of those who abhor it. Standing firmly (alone) in the middle ground, I gave The Twilight Saga: New Moon a postive review.

There have been many funny spoofs of this series (including a scathingly spot-on hypothesis from director Kevin Smith), but one of the funniest I’ve seen was from Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show.

Cop a gander and get ready to laugh.


Published September 24, 2009

Those looking for any deep or meaningful commentary in this article should try elsewhere — I was simply in the mood for something silly this morning, and for some reason found myself thinking of Jerry Lewis’ old typewriter routine. Which, in turn, led me to a number of old videos featuring Jerry doing what he does best … only without words. Whether or not this justifies its own article, I don’t know. All I do know is, I was feeling a bit down, and these put a grin on my face. Maybe they’ll do the same for you. Let me know.

Bon app├ętit.


Published June 11, 2009

You know those web videos you stumble upon every now that are so funny and bloody random they feel like a digital hallucinogen? Well, I got one here that is funny and bloody AND random. It’s from a BBC3 sketch show called The Wrong Door, and regards a young couple whose relationship is on the rocks. Melanie is lovely and sweet, but is worried that her relationship with Philip is going nowhere. Philip is a dinosaur.
Philip and Melanie
Prepare for a jaw-dropping good laugh.

Oh, if you’re wondering how Philip and Melanie first hooked up, we got that too.


Published February 11, 2009

Yes, I grew up in the 70’s. Yes, I was fond of the old school comedy found on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show and Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts. And yes, there was one performer in particular that was guaranteed to not only leave all in laughter, but with their jaws on the floor from his utter audacity … “Did he really just say what I think he just said?”

I believe I speak for all of us when I say, “Holy shit, Don Rickles is still alive!?”
Mr. Warmth - The Don Rickles Project
After watching 2007’s Emmy Award-winning documentary Mr. Warmth – The Don Rickles Project, I can state emphatically, not only is Rickles still alive, he’s killing ’em on stage. Whether in Vegas or on the road, Don Rickles, who was 80 when this documentary was filmed, is just as funny, quick, acerbic and politically incorrect as he ever was.

Director John Landis — who in the 70s and 80s was the king of cinematic comedy (Animal House, The Blues Brothers, An American Werewolf in London), but hasn’t made a truly funny film since Coming To America 20 years ago — returns to form here. We learn early on that Landis has known Don since he was a production assistant on the Kelly’s Heroes set back in 1969.

While much of Don’s insult humor is seemingly racist — indeed, nobody else could get away with some of this material — the fact that he is an equal opportunity offender seems to make it okay. Regarding this, one critic opined: “While Rickles seems to mock ethnicity, body type, weight, age and all the other stuff that we’re not supposed to make fun of, he’s actually defusing all of those things. And once they’re deflated by humor, they lose, at least for a moment, their potency. What becomes clear in Landis’ film is that Rickles is really a softie, a guy who loves humanity and life. The guy they still call Mr. Warmth really is, and that’s apparently the worst-kept secret in show business.”

In new interview footage, we also hear from the likes of Ernest Borgnine, Jack Carter, Billy Crystal, Robert DeNiro, Clint Eastwood, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Lawrence, Bob Newhart, Carl Reiner, Debbie Reynolds, Martin Scorsese, The Smothers Brothers, Harry Dean Stanton, and Robin Williams (literally to name only a few), all of whom wax nostalgic about Don.

But the real star here is Rickles himself, who whether on stage or one on one, is hysterical. Using new concert footage, archives from his entire career, and the aforementioned interviews, Mr. Warmth – The Don Rickles Project is a testament to its living legend of a subject. It is also a very funny film.

Never seen it? I’ve got it for you riiiiiiight here.

Sorry about the commercials — it’s Hulu.


Published December 20, 2008

One of the most charming and funny videos I’ve seen in awhile is making its viral ways around the internet (… that just doesn’t sound right, does it?). It’s called Merry Christmas from Bailey the Unknown Reindeer, it has its own You Tube Channel, was posted exactly one year ago today, and has been viewed (so far) 4.25 million times. It takes place in Ward, Colorado (maybe an hour drive from me), was shot in the late 1990s during a record-breaking snowfall and involves a Dalmatian leaping reindeer-like through four feet of snow.

Charming, funny, and then … at the 1:20 mark, something happens that I swear I’ve never seen outside of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Hilarious!



Published December 17, 2008

There truly is nothing like a kiss under the mistletoe. Happy holidays.


Published December 11, 2008

Twilight cast
While the worldwide success of Twilight has given Summit Entertainment its biggest hit ever (the sequel, New Moon, is being fast-tracked for a November 2009 release), Devon Kelly from The Juice Box has just posted a hilarious, holiday-themed spoof.

Parodies of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire romance are all over the web, but this one is by far the funniest I’ve seen … however, like the movie, you might have to be a fan to appreciate it.