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Simon Helberg doing Nicolas Cage CRACKS ME UP!

Published March 13, 2017

No deep or meaningful insights here, other than to say … if you need a laugh, you can certainly do worse than watch The Big Bang Theory‘s Simon Helberg become possessed by the not-dead spirit of Nicolas Cage. Seriously, is that like one of the best impressions ever? I dare say it is. Enjoy. (He does some killer Al Pacino here as well.)

Anthony Perkins lampoons himself in SNL Classic – The Norman Bates School of Motel Management

Published April 26, 2011

Frequent visitors to TheWordslinger know of my love for obsession with the films of Alfred Hitchcock – especially his 1960 classic PSYCHO.  (See my article PSYCHO BABBLE – The Legacy of Norman Bates for more on that movie, its three sequels, and how a charming young man with Oedipal issues, taxidermal tendencies, and a love of cuuuuuutlery changed Hollywood forever.)

In March of 1976, seven years before he returned to play Norman Bates in 1983’s PSYCHO II (one of the best horror movies of the 80s), Anthony Perkins hosted the sixteenth episode of the first season of Saturday Night Live.  While the entire episode featured Perkins lampooning his quirky image, he surprised (and delighted) many by reprising his role of Norman Bates in a 3-minute skit.

For many years, Perkins despised his Norman fame – the role which made him a worldwide star, but also forever typecast him.  This very funny sketch, however, may have been near the point where Perkins decided to stop fighting the inevitable, and embrace the role which made him a household name.  And he did.  (See that aforementioned PSYCHO BABBLE article for more on that.)

Never seen it?  That’s why I’m here.  Check it out.

WORDSLINGER UPDATE 3/13/2017 – Aaaaaand … that video has, of course, been taken down. Can’t find it anywhere except for SNL’s YouTube channel where you’ll pay a buck ninety-nine. So, as a consolation prize, here is a 1990 Oatmeal Raisin Crisp commercial where Tony plays (wait for it) a cereal killer.


Published February 28, 2011

Well, the 2011 Oscars are over and I must say the most enjoyable part of the evening took place AFTER the show was over.  It was on Jimmy Kimmel’s sixth annual after-Oscar show and his featured guest was Tom Hanks.

After sharing a clip from his new movie Larry Crowne, Tom went on to talk about his daughter Sophie and their passion for … pageantry.  (I assume this is fictional as Tom and wife Rita Wilson have only two children, both sons.)  The clip shown was hands down the funniest thing Tom Hanks has done in years.  For those who don’t remember how funny Tom Hanks once was, look no further.

While good taste may be tossed to the wind here, the joke is SO funny that only those without any sense of humor will miss the irony.  With in-jokes about everything from Bosom Buddies to Turner and Hooch to Big to Saving Private Ryan to Apollo 13 (I could go on here), this is one hip and hilarious film short.

Check it out and prepare to laugh.


Published February 16, 2011

I am a huge fan of Brad Bird.  The director of such animated classics as The Incredibles and Ratatouille (not to mention a classic Amazing Stories episode called Family Dog – shown HERE on TheWordslinger in its entirety) is arguably one of the most creative filmmakers working today.  Those two aforementioned Pixar films could be textbook examples of how to inject movies with knee-slapping humor, genuine pathos, jaw-dropping visuals, and a kinetic pace.

Brad Bird is now in the middle of production on his first live action film, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL, starring Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg, for producer J.J. Abrams.

At the recently held 38th annual Annie Awards (which is, as the Official Site says, animation’s highest honor), Brad Bird received the coveted Winsor McCay Award.  (Winsor McCay – who won great acclaim for his animated shorts in the first decade of the 20th century – is considered THE father of animation.)

Brad was not present at the Annie Awards as he is still abroad filming MI:4.  However, he did send along a little video tape explaining his absence.  The 7-minute tape, embedded below, offers a brief but very entertaining recap of Bird’s career, and then … segues off into what looks like an awkwardly staged, and stiffly read bit of business that seems oddly out of place.  At least until the hilarious punch line, but … oh, that would be giving too much away.

Have a look.

WORDSLINGER UPDATE 3/13/2017 – Video will no longer embed. Check it out HERE.


Published December 30, 2010

No deep or meaningful commentary here, folks – just one of the funniest television commercials of 2010.  In an ad spot for the Logitech Revue Google TV unit, Kevin Bacon’s biggest fan, Ivan Cobenk (only the anagram-challenged should have a problem figuring that one out), waxes sentimental on his favorite movie star.

Nuff said – check it out.


Published December 16, 2010

The title of this video pretty much says it all – it’s four minutes of Nicolas Cage film clips, wherein the erstwhile Coppola is as over the top as you want him to be … and then some.

This was edited by‘s Harry Hanrahan, whose other videos include The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time, The 160 Greatest Arnold Swarzenegger Quotes, and others, all of which can be found here.

Most of the language of this is NSFW (like I care, I’m a writer, I work at home), but is pretty damn hysterical.

Cop a gander and leave a comment below.

Gotta love anything from Vampire’s Kiss, LOL.  “I’m a vampire!  I’m a vampire!  I’m a vampire!”

If you’re wondering from what movies this insanity was culled, here is the list:

0:09 – 0:30 Vampire’s Kiss
0:30 – 0:32 Ghost Rider
0:32 – 0:50 Vampire’s Kiss
0:50 – 1:11 Deadfall
1:11 – 1:19 Vampire’s Kiss
1:19 – 1:35 Deadfall (x2), Face/Off, Red Rock West (x2), Deadfall
1:35 – 1:43 The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call
1:43 – 1:47 Matchstick Men
1:47 – 1:52 Leaving Las Vegas
1:52 – 1:55 Vampire’s Kiss
1:55 – 2:03 Bringing Out the Dead, Face/Off, 8mm, Adaptation, Wild at Heart
2:03 – 2:17 Windtalkers, Raising Arizona, Bringing Out the Dead, Wicker Man
2:17 – 2:21 Vampire’s Kiss
2:21 – 2:34 Deadfall
2:35 – 3:10 The Wicker Man
3:10 – 3:19 Deadfall
3:19 – 3:37 The Wicker Man
3:37 – 3:43 Ghost Rider
3:43 – 4:10 Zandalee



Published April 12, 2010

Tina Fey made her second appearance as host of Saturday Night Live this past weekend (April 2010), and once again proved why the show hasn’t been nearly as funny since she left. She did whip out another hilarious sketch as Sarah Palin introducing The Sarah Palin Network, as well as one of the funniest mock commercials the show has seen in awhile. Check ’em out.