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Published July 11, 2013

While I have made excuses for lapses in posting before, as it has been two weeks shy of a YEAR since my last post, I figured I’d better come up with a good one. Which shan’t be hard, because … while prepping my recently-published (2010) novel BROODING for e-readers, I spent the past year and a half revising it again in what turned into more than a polish and less than a full blown rewrite. Given the book’s scope, controversial themes, and wanting to make it accessible to all … I really just wanted another whack at the thing. While some changes were significant, none take the story in any new directions, but simply clarify plot, rectify bad habits, finesse the balance of the disparate subject matter, and better pave the way for Book II – which IS coming.

I have decided to post the first few chapters online for those who wish to sample this novel before laying down $22.95 for an over-sized paperback. (If that price seems high, understand this book is the same size as a hardback, is 664 pages long, and weighs about 3 pounds. You WILL get your money’s worth.) You can check these out by starting with the PROLOGUE.

So THAT’s what I’ve been up to. If I go any significant amount of time before posting again, it is because I am on the road promoting this book. I will let you know when and where.

Until next time, so long, farewell, and – as always – don’t take any shit from anybody!


Published February 6, 2012

Greetings all.  I’m sure many of my faithful readers here have noticed that this Wordslinger hasn’t slung many words of late.  There is a reason for that: during the last week of October of last year, after enduring the worst abdominal cramps I’ve ever had – and spending about 30 hours mistakenly convinced that I had food poisoning – I finally called 911.  I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where I was diagnosed with a ruptured colon.  Diverticulosis and diverticulitis are the official names, but what it basically boiled down to was burst pockets on my large intestine, that were spilling foulness into my body.

After having major abdominal surgery, I spent two weeks (two weeks!) in the hospital, and was then sent home with an open wound that needed to be cleaned and dressed twice daily.  To say this was traumatic is a gross understatement.  I do not want to go into gory detail, save to say that I have never seen anything like the horror show that was my abdomen.  I was told this incision (incision? Ha!  It looked like the Grand Freaking Canyon to me!), would heal in 4 – 6 weeks.  Three months was more like it.  While that wound has closed up and is much smaller than it was, I’ve still got a pretty damn big scar on my stomach, that is like a (sometimes painful) seam on the moderate paunch I’ve got down there.

For a good little while, I could barely get around, and could not eat very much at all.  During those two weeks in the hospital, I dropped 20 pounds – about half of which I have put back on.  I also could not even sit at my desk, much less write.  Well, now that I am mobile again, and getting back into the swing of things, I am here to simply fill you in on my progress.

I was just starting to get serious about promotion on the book last year when this happened.  I had done a couple of big shows and was scheduled to do a couple more when I was struck down.  By springtime I intend to be back on the promotion trail.  By that time it is also my intention to have the Kindle version of BROODING for sale online.  I know I’ve been promising that for awhile, and I want to thank those of you who have been waiting patiently for it.

Other than that, I have been questioning a lot of things recently.  This event was what many call “a life changer.”  And yet … I haven’t really changed that many of my old habits.  In fact, this event was SO traumatic and overwhelming, that at times, I have relied even more so on some of those old … crutches.  I wasn’t ready for it.  Is anyone ever ready for something like this?  I was told by the doctors after arriving at the hospital that if I had waited much longer to call 911, I might not have made it at all.  What does one DO with information like that?  By all means, I SHOULD be embracing life even more, and thanking God for sparing me, and yet … instead of doing that … I think I’ve been PISSED!

At what? you ask.  That’s a good question.  One for which I don’t even have an answer.  While this big scar on my stomach is healing, it sometimes angers me.  Then I remember that if I DIDN’T have that scar, I would be DEAD.  This thought does nothing to ease my confusion about the whole matter.  Sometimes I wish that my number HAD been up.  After all …

Life is pain – when you die, the pain is over.

How’s that for a mantra?  How’s that for a warm and fuzzy thought?  While even I could argue both sides of that statement – with both worldly and biblical wisdom – I can say that for the majority of my life, the first part of that statement has been true.  Life IS pain.  Writing that novel of mine has been my attempt to make sense of that pain.  Love and hate, trust and fear, sin and redemption, heartache and self-medication … these are themes upon which I am continually meditating, and which make surprisingly good fodder for my fiction.  Good thing I’ve got Book II to work on, for I’ve surely got a helluva lot more where that came from.

I think I’m rambling here.

Anyway, in fine, I am doing much better, I will be hitting the promotion trail on the book again soon, and will hopefully see some of you while doing so.

Take care, have fun, and … don’t take any shit from anybody!



Published October 20, 2011

Greetings, o brave interweb perusers.  Tis I, your faithful slinger o’words, with another brief update on what’s been happening.  As this site nears its fourth anniversary, the number of daily/monthly visitors who come here has steadily increased.  As of this date, TheWordslinger gets about 300 visitors a day – or 9,000 a month, which isn’t too shabby for The Little Website That Could.

I have started doing some serious promotion on my novel BROODING.  In September I propped up my exhibit tent at the Freedom Harley Davidson End-of-Summer Block Party, where I sold autographed copies of the book, mounted and matted prints of my artwork, and (my latest venture) handmade leather jewelry – bracelets, rings, bangles, chokers, etc., all made out of custom-cut black leather and suede.

In October, I did the same thing at the Oktoberfest event in La Veta, Colorado.  There were 115 other vendors at this massive shindig, and a total of about 4,000 patrons.  This was by far the biggest show I have ever done and, while it was a tremendous success, it was also one of the scariest things I have ever done.  As a writer, especially one with a proclivity for seclusion, putting myself out there on such a grand scale kind of freaked me out a bit, but … I really have no choice but to get out there and hawk this novel of mine.

My next two shows will be at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, Colorado.  The first of which will be on Saturday, November 5th, in the main dance/concert room.  If you want to come down and pick up a signed copy of BROODING (or some artwork or handmade leather jewelry), this is a good chance to do it.

Till next time, don’t let your meat loaf, don’t let your dingle dangle …

Oh yeah, and don’t take any shit from anybody!

Have you read BROODING? Leave me a review on Amazon … the author asked shamelessly

Published January 17, 2011

Greetings and salutations o brave interweb perusers.

While I would like to thank all of the people who have purchased and read my recently published novel BROODING – The Heartland Chronicles Book One, I would also like to ask those who have read and enjoyed it, if perhaps you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes to leave your thoughts (and stars) on BROODING’s page.

It doesn’t have to be a long review (though those are always welcome, too – as long as they are spoiler-free), just an honest assessment of your experience reading this very personal behemoth of a book.  I depend on you, o gentle reader, and your influential word o’mouth, to get this snowball rolling.  So tell your friends, remind your relatives, and bug your coworkers about this “controversial and thought-provoking” novel.

By the by, an eBook version of BROODING is coming very soon – so let your eReader know that something exciting is on its way.  And, like the bound version, it doesn’t weigh 3 pounds!

BROODING‘s Official Website can be found HERE.

BROODING’s AMAZON page can be found HERE.  Thanks!


Published December 19, 2010

Einstein was right when he posited that time is relative … ‘cause damn if this year didn’t fly by.  I know that everybody says that at year’s end but, as we’ve all experienced bad years that were slower than erosion, something must be screwing with the space/time continuum.  Anyhoo …

As it has been damn near 3 years since my humble website, TheWordslinger, went live on December 28th, 2007, I thought I would throw you an update and a year end recap.

In June of this year, 2010, I finally (FINALLY!) published my first novel, BROODING – The Heartland Chronicles Book One.  20 years in the making, this book has truly been a labor of love … and hate … and frustration … but mostly love.  My book signings have been very successful, and more are scheduled for 2011 – I will keep you abreast (uh huh huh) of dates and places.  Expect a massive marketing push in the coming months.  To find out more and purchase the book, please visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE.  Copies can also be found on

Since its inception, TheWordslinger has had nearly 200,000 visitors, numerous plugs on other high-profile sites, and is going stronger all the time.  If you are a return visitor here, thanks again for keeping me in your Favorites.

Some of this year’s more notable articles include:

The Bionic Woman Season One DVD review – long time coming
John Carpenter’s ELVIS – DVD review – really long time coming
BROODING by Andy Williamson PUBLISHED! – really really long time coming
TheWordslinger’s Amazing Day – really, really, really long time coming

Some of my most popular articles:

King, Kubrick, and The Shining
A Tale of II Supermans
Psycho Babble – The Legacy of Norman Bates
Modern Day Magdalene Part 1 and Part 2

If you’re new here, dig around in the categories – with over 300 posts, there’s always something of interest to do on this site.

Elsewhere on these crazy/cool interwebs …

My two entertainment columns on EXAMINER.COM have reached record numbers this year, and are climbing exponentially.  If you’ve never visited those pages, I will put some links below.  Remember I get paid every time someone views an article.

CELEBRITY PROFILE EXAMINER – Where I literally write short (ha!) biographies of celebrities.  This database is meant to compete with similar features on IMDb and Wikipedia.  Ever since Examiner did a massive platform update last summer, these profiles have been receiving more than 100,000 views every month – that’s over 1.2 million a year and growing fast.  Even when I don’t work on it, this column literally supports me (how cool is that?) while I work on marketing the book.  You can check out the main page HERE.

Some of my most popular profiles (as searched for on Google) include:

Winona Ryder – doe-eyed beauty, always in the top 2 or 3
Taylor LautnerTwilight fans helping to keep a roof over my head, cool
Linda Hamilton – NOT in the news, but always in my top 10 hits, go figure
Drew Barrymore – everyone loves Drew
Elvis Presley – ditto for the King
Jack Nicholson – you don’t know Jack
William Shatner – my boyhood hero
Leonard Nimoy – my boyhood hero’s homeboy
Christina Ricci – always adorable, and always a lot of hits
Salma Hayek – talented, muy calienté, and massive amounts of tits hits
Stephen King – a ridiculously detailed bio of my favorite author

… and way too many more to list here.

POP CULTURE NEWS EXAMINER – Much of this column is made up of articles that are also posted here on TheWordslinger, everything from movie, book, and DVD reviews, to anything else pop culture related.  This column doesn’t receive anywhere near as many visitors as my Celebrity Profile page, but does give me a nice place to link to which still pays me.

If you visit either of these pages, be sure to subscribe to them so you will know whenever I post a new article.

I haven’t put up any Churchianity articles in a while.  Although I did write one a couple of months ago entitled CHURCHIANITY Part VIII: Bitterness.  In some ways it was/is one of the most personal articles I’ve ever written but, as I was not happy with the ending, I have held it back.  If I can figure out the capper on it, I will be sure to post it.  (If this sounds interesting to you, tell me so in the Comments section below.  I’m not cheap, but I can be had – flattery may get you everywhere.)

This has also been a year of great change.  Besides getting the book published, I moved (again), and have made a serious effort to cut away all of the destructive things, crazy people, and otherwise negative elements in my life that were driving me batty and holding me back from the future.  Pardon my French, but …

FUCK THE PAST!  I’ve had it.  I’m done.  Finished, finis, finito.

As for the FUTURE, I’m healthy, I’m happy, I’m making a living doing what I love, and I am working toward even bigger dreams (can you say Book II, and a film adaptation of Book I?).  What’s to complain about?

Have a Groovy New Year, come back soon, and (say it with me):

Don’t take any shit from anybody!


Published August 20, 2010

Greetings all.  Here’s what’s happening.  The biggest news on TheWordslinger is that BROODING – The Heartland Chronicles Book One, by yours truly, was published in June 2010.  You can buy copies at the book’s Official website, or, or …

My next book signing will be on Thursday August 26th, 2010, 6:30 pm at:

Clear Creek Books
1200 Washington Ave
Golden, Colorado 80401

If you are in the area, please stop in, say hello, and pick up a signed copy – I’d love to see you there.

It doesn’t look very different, but TheWordslinger went through a major platform overhaul recently, so hopefully things are running smoother on this site.  For those interested, I also made some changes to my About Andy page.

Over the past 2 1/2 years, this site has had over 150,000 visitors, and is going stronger all the time.  Thanks to all of you who keep coming back.

It is rather daunting going into the promotion stage for this novel of mine, but I am also very excited.  I will keep you updated as more book signings are scheduled, as well as post some photos from the one coming up on the 26th.

Thanks again and – as always – don’t take any shit from anybody!

BROODING by Andy Williamson … PUBLISHED!

Published June 18, 2010

Well, folks, you’ve heard me talking about it for years, but BROODING – The Heartland Chronicles Book One by yours truly has finally been published and is available for immediate sale.
For those wondering what this book is about, here is the jacket copy:

Nicholas Goodfellow is not the Devil, but he knows him.

When the high-ranking, aristocratic demon first spies his new mission – a five-year-old orphan named Tyler Davis – he is insulted. But when he sees that his former friend General Valiant, one of Heaven’s mightiest warriors, has been charged with the boy’s keep, he knows that something is afoot.

Tyler knows nothing of these spiritual beings. As the tenderhearted lad grows up under the twisted rule of his dictatorial grandmother – experiencing physical, emotional, and religious abuse – he runs away at the age of sixteen, collapses on the highway, and is adopted by a benevolent gang of Colorado bikers known as The Brood.

Within this family, made up of wounded souls like himself, Tyler first begins to trust, falls in love, and learns some very effective ways of shutting out the past. But running from demons, psychological or otherwise, is a tricky business – sooner or later they must be faced. As Tyler does so, he becomes aware of the spiritual battle going on around him – a bloody war for his soul which will leave none of The Brood unchanged.

This very human story is about forgiveness, redemption, letting go of the past, and how God can offer beauty for ashes to the most brokenhearted soul.

It is a story for the walking wounded. It is a story for us all.

To order this 664-page, 288,000 word, 3 pound behemoth of a book – 20 years in the making! – visit or

To all of you who offered encouragement to me regarding this project over the years, my most hearty thanks!

Happy reading!

UPDATE: If you decide to buy a copy off my eStore page don’t be afraid to go with the CHEAPEST shipping rate – it will NOT take three weeks to deliver, no matter what it says. You know, in case that was going to be a deal breaker