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Published February 17, 2009

I posted not too long ago about Sylvester Stallone’s new action movie, The Expendables, that is about to start filming in Costa Rica — you can check out that article, and a pic of Sly’s new look for the film, here. Well, I’ve got some pretty cool news about the film … courtesy of (who else?) Harry Knowles over at AintItCoolNews.
Sly and Arnie
Harry just scooped a casting coup that is bound to cause action fans to rejoice. Apparently Arnold Swarzenegger will be costarring in the film. Though Sly and Arnie have been long-rumored rivals, they are actually close friends and have been for years — even before they embarked on that whole Planet Hollywood thing with Bruce Willis. You can check out the whole story here.

In addition to Stallone’s already confirmed cast — Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Forest Whitaker, Randy Couture, and Mickey Roarke — Harry’s post tells us that Eric Roberts has recently been signed. Having recently caught 1984’s The Pope of Greenwich Village on cable (the day after I saw The Wrestler), I’d love to see Eric and Mickey on screen together again.

This film is sounding better and better — here’s hoping Sly pulls it off.


Published January 25, 2009

Many of you know that Sylvester Stallone is about to begin principal photography on a new action film, which he is also writing and directing, entitled The Expendables. The titular team, hired to do jobs no one else can or will, infiltrate a South American country to overthrow a ruthless despot and liberate a nation. Co-starring with Sly are Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Forest Whitaker, Randy Couture, and Mickey Roarke.

This is part one of a two-picture deal Stallone has with Nu Image/Millennium Films (Rambo 5 is rumored to be next) — filming is set to begin in Costa Rica and Louisiana next month.

Below is a first glimpse photo of Stallone prepping his “look” for this film. Tattoos aside (which I actually find kind of interesting — sets him apart from his other two signature roles), I haven’t seen him this ripped in years. Not even three years ago in Rocky Balboa. For a guy 62-years-old, this is pretty amazing.
Sylvester Stallone


Published January 14, 2009

I’ve already written about my love for biopics. Now one of my favorite actors is getting one of his own.

Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen, whose cool, laid-back style, and devil-may-care attitude made him one of the most popular stars of the sixties and seventies, is having his life story turned into celluloid. Based on the book Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel, the film will focus on Steve’s career, which started in 1956 with a little cult film called The Blob, and will also cover his “penchant for motorcycles, fast cards, and drugs, his relationship with Ali McGraw, and go right through his battle with lung cancer.”

There is no director or screenwriter attached yet, but producers Christine Peters and Michael Cerenzie, having secured the rights to Marshall Terrill’s biography, are already searching for both. There is great buzz about this project but — as we all know — that doesn’t guarantee anything. (I’ve been hearing about biopics for Jimi Hendrix and January is Joplin for years, but it seems the plug unfailingly gets pulled every time.) I’d like to see this one get greenlit, and get it right.

So, the only question now is … who could possibly play this screen icon? Most (including me) agree that the perfect choice is this guy:

Daniel Craig
I’ve referred to the new Bond as the British Steve McQueen before — here’s hoping he’s willing to give it a shot.


Published January 13, 2009

Remember the olden days? When a smarmy bartender from New Jersey became an overnight success on a 1980’s television show by joining a pretty cover girl in what would be an homage to the romantic comedies of decades gone by? Glenn Gordon Caron hopes you do.
Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd
From 1985 – 1989, Moonlighting was a smash hit … well, it was for at least the first three seasons. Bruce Willis (with hair!) and Cybill Shepherd starred as David Addison and Maddie Hayes, detectives working for The Blue Moon Detective Agency. Their specialty was smirking, sexual tension (again, for the first three seasons) and witty banter.

According to Cinematical, producer Glenn Gordon Caron recently announced that he wants to produce a film version of Moonlighting. Not a reboot or a re-imagining, but a reunion movie starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. The stars are reportedly keen on this project but nothing has been set in stone yet. There is also some confusion as to whether or not this would be a TV movie or a feature. I’d say, go feature.

What are your thoughts? Could this work? Willis obviously has the more viable career right now, but even he acknowledges that he and Shepherd are a little long in the tooth to be playing romantic leads. Should Caron continue with this project or just leave the past in the past? Sound off below.


Published January 8, 2009

I’m not quite the Robert Zemeckis fanatic that I used to be. That said, there was a time when one of his movies was nearly as much of an EVENT to me as a Spielberg film. After all, this is the visionary responsible for classic fare like, Romancing the Stone, Back To The Future I, II, and III, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Forrest Gump, Contact, What Lies Beneath, and Cast Away.

But over the past few years, Zemeckis has turned his back on live-action filmmaking and gone completely motion-capture CGI. I speak, of course, about The Polar Express and Beowulf. Both of these films were pretty good — they even had their visionary moments — although the kids in Polar Express creeped me out a bit. Beowulf (which I happened to catch in IMAX 3-D) was a marvel of animation, but I found the “Shreckiness” of the supporting cast … distracting.

There has always been an artifice to Zemeckis’ films — Back To The Future, Roger Rabbit, and Gump all existed in beautifully realized worlds that had little to do with the real world — but his brand of artifice has always been so handsome and winning, I never minded. The man knows how to conjure serious Hollywood magic.

Now Zemeckis is turning his talents to one of the most oft-filmed stories of all time: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Like three-time Zemekis veteran Tom Hanks (who played numerous roles in The Polar Express), star Jim Carrey will be playing multiple roles in this, including Ebenezer Scrooge, The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, and The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. Likewise, co-star Gary Oldman will play Bob Cratchit, Marley, and Tiny Tim. Colin Firth, Robin Wright-Penn, Cary Elwes, and Bob Hoskins make up the supporting cast.

We’ve got a first look here at the digital version of Carrey’s Scrooge, from a blurry poster and a decent close-up. I’m glad to see that Zemeckis isn’t trying for human realism here. CGI isn’t quite there yet, and until it is, why not design characters like a more traditionally animated film?
Jim Carrey as Scrooge
A Christmas Carol
Here’s hoping this is a return to form for Zemeckis.

Here’s also hoping he gets back to making live-action films again. Come to think of it … here’s hoping he gets back in touch with his old writing/producing partner Bob Gale. Maybe they can jump on the Nostalgia bandwagon like Rocky, Rambo, John McClane, and Indiana Jones and we can find out whatever happened to Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Now that’s a reunion I’d like to see!

A Christmas Carol opens November 6th, 2009.


Published January 5, 2009

I’ve just seen the funniest Michael Bay spoof ever. According to i09, a great site for sci-fi enthusiasts:

Remember the disappointing heap that was Disaster Movie? For those who thought the spoofery was a bit sub-par, you’re getting another chance from the supposedly clever 2012ish. Will it deliver? See for yourself below.

This 25 million dollar movie, gobbled up by MGM, is being directed by Robert Moniot, who is no stranger to low-rent spoofs. In 2001 the director created Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon (posted below). So watch and judge, does Moniot have what it takes to take a crack at the big-shot movies? Or should we just discontinue this genre by burying all of its writers alive? The entire title is called 2012ish: The Day The Earth Bent Over and I hope and pray that it ends the reign of bad sight-gag comedies, opening the door for a higher class of parody, Airplane style.

The official synopsis is:

A brilliant young scientist named Tom Mahoney fights to save the planet from a multitude of catastrophes that threaten mankind — in spite of the idiots that keep getting in his way: A bumbling President, a manic-depressive NASA shuttle commander, and a sexy reporter who can’t keep her clothes on.

Judging from the video below, I think this guy does have what it takes. Great production value from an independent filmmaker, and very funny to boot.


WATCHMEN — update on trial and new doc

Published December 31, 2008

If you don’t know what Watchmen is by now, you are either A) Amish, B) an avid outdoorsman, C) someone who practices Churchianity and cannot soil your soul with such pagan pinnings as movies and comic books (in which case, what are you doing on this site?), or D) old.

ABSOLUTE WATCHMEN — highly recommended
Hardback, slipcased, oversized, re-colored, with 50+ pages of bonus materials.
Absolute Watchmen
Director Zack Snyder’s (300, Dawn of the Dead) take on Watchmen, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ landmark graphic novel (one of Time Magazine’s 100 Greatest Novels of the 20th Century), has received much press over the last few months. Especially since its trailer was attached to The Dark Knight last summer. The story, which takes place in an alternate-universe 1985, involves the existential angst of aging superheroes, who are being picked off by a masked vigilante with an uncertain agenda.
Watchmen - cast
Over the past few months you may have heard that 20th Century Fox was suing Warner Brothers, claiming that they actually owned the rights to this property, and have for the past 20 years. While a court date was announced for January uary ’09, the judge in the case did make an early ruling that Fox did at least have the right to distribute the movie — Fox has since tried to put a stop to its March 6, 2009 release date. Whether or not this will actually happen, or if Fox is merely looking for a huge pay-out from Warner (probably) is yet to be seen. Pissed off fans have threatened to boycott all of Fox’s movies this year, namely Wolverine, unless Fox pulls its head out of its collective ass and puts a cease and desist order on all lawsuit actions against Watchmen. I’ll admit, this is bullshit of the highest (lowest) order — my feelings on the matter are mirrored perfectly in an article by Daniel O’Brien at — check it out. Perfectly apt and sidesplittingly funny.
Silk Spectre II and Nite Owl
Meanwhile, over the past few weeks, Warner’s has released a number of Behind The Scenes videos of Watchmen, the most recent (and the coolest) of which went live today. In it, director Snyder introduces us to each of the characters and basically sets up the story for the great unlearned. (I didn’t realize that Patrick Wilson from Hard Candy was playing Dan Drieberg, aka Nite Owl, and while I would not have previously thought that was a good fit, after watching this video, I think he’s perfect.)

If you have not read this graphic novel yet, I cannot think of a better primer than this vid. If you have, prepare to have a nerdgasm.

WATCHMEN — director Zack Snyder gives us an overview

Watchmen Exclusive