BROODING by Andy Williamson … PUBLISHED!

Published June 18, 2010

Well, folks, you’ve heard me talking about it for years, but BROODING – The Heartland Chronicles Book One by yours truly has finally been published and is available for immediate sale.
For those wondering what this book is about, here is the jacket copy:

Nicholas Goodfellow is not the Devil, but he knows him.

When the high-ranking, aristocratic demon first spies his new mission – a five-year-old orphan named Tyler Davis – he is insulted. But when he sees that his former friend General Valiant, one of Heaven’s mightiest warriors, has been charged with the boy’s keep, he knows that something is afoot.

Tyler knows nothing of these spiritual beings. As the tenderhearted lad grows up under the twisted rule of his dictatorial grandmother – experiencing physical, emotional, and religious abuse – he runs away at the age of sixteen, collapses on the highway, and is adopted by a benevolent gang of Colorado bikers known as The Brood.

Within this family, made up of wounded souls like himself, Tyler first begins to trust, falls in love, and learns some very effective ways of shutting out the past. But running from demons, psychological or otherwise, is a tricky business – sooner or later they must be faced. As Tyler does so, he becomes aware of the spiritual battle going on around him – a bloody war for his soul which will leave none of The Brood unchanged.

This very human story is about forgiveness, redemption, letting go of the past, and how God can offer beauty for ashes to the most brokenhearted soul.

It is a story for the walking wounded. It is a story for us all.

To order this 664-page, 288,000 word, 3 pound behemoth of a book – 20 years in the making! – visit or

To all of you who offered encouragement to me regarding this project over the years, my most hearty thanks!

Happy reading!

UPDATE: If you decide to buy a copy off my eStore page don’t be afraid to go with the CHEAPEST shipping rate – it will NOT take three weeks to deliver, no matter what it says. You know, in case that was going to be a deal breaker