BILL BIXBY – The A&E Biography

Published August 31, 2011

I recently finished a Celebrity Profile of Bill Bixby over on my column (no longer available).  While searching YouTube for a video (singular: video) to post on that article, the only one worth the watch was a five-part A&E Biography of Bix, hosted by Harry Smith, that gives pictures and voices to what I spent hours writing.  So, what could I do but post it here in its entirety and link it.

As I stated in that profile, Bill Bixby was one of my childhood heroes and, as I recently found The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series at for only $28.99, I’ve been seriously going down memory lane … with that haunting “Lonely Man Theme” stuck in my head.

Anyway, if you’re here because you followed the Examiner link: welcome.
If you’re a frequent visitor: welcome back.

Here’s Bill’s story.

UPDATE 2/20/17

Part 1 of that 5-part video is no longer available (2 – 5 can be found here). So much for keeping these old blog posts up to date. Sorry to disappoint.