Published July 28, 2009

Billy Joel has been my favorite singer/songwriter for over three decades now. And while I could go on at length about this legendary Piano Man … I’m not here to talk about him. I want to talk about his daughter. I’ve known for years that the man sired a little girl with his one-time wife, and erstwhile Uptown Girl, Christie Brinkley. And that Alexa Ray Joel, in addition to being a dead ringer for her father, was interested in a music career. However … two things have shocked me of late.

1 — No young woman (she’s 23 now) who looks this much like her father (especially when that father is pug-faced Billy Joel) has any right to look this pretty. Unless, of course, her mother was a supermodel.
Alexa Ray Joel
2 — This girl can sing. I just stumbled on a YouTube video featuring Alexa singing a song called Scarlet Rose, which apparently had been used on an episode of the crime drama Cold Case. Whatever, this ballad blew me away. It sounds a lot like a torch song form the 60s, something that The Platters or The Chiffons or Etta James might have sung. Ironic, since the album that Billy Joel composed after falling in love with Christie Brinkley, 1983’s An Innocent Man, was also an homage to 60’s ballads. Have a listen.

More about Alexa can be found on her Official Site — the main page of which features another great song called For All My Days. You can also see more of her performances at her YouTube page. Alexa is touring the nation with her band right now, and if these songs are any indication, I see great things ahead.

Just for the hell of it, I thought I would include a video of Billy Joel singing Alexa’s favorite song — one that he wrote for her. And boy is it a tear-jerker. Enjoy.